About Us

Sportsqonlive to bring various National and International Sports events to the fans. What differentiates Sportsqonlive is the presence of people with years of experience in Sports journalism to bring it to the fans first. ISL, ILeague, IPL, and Ranji Trophy match report and analysis are brought to you live from the ground. There is no doubt that the presence of experienced journalists will definitely provide you with very accurate and clear information. Sportq dreams of Kerala becoming a breeding ground for sports competitions including football, cricket, basketball and athletics. We firmly believe that we can make our own contribution towards it.

We are driven by the dream of making Kerala a sports hub. Of course, Kerala will become the main hub of sports events as we dream. During this time we have met many young people who find passion in sports. Sportsq also follows the hope that the sports scene in Kerala will grow further in such a way that they can work in the sports field of their interest. Football and other sports have been very popular in Kerala in recent years. We also hope that sportsq will be able to contribute to the growth of the sports world in Kerala. As Kerala’s sports world grows, so will we. We will definitely be on the sports map of Kerala.

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